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Seeing as I haven’t in a while I’ve decided to make some new edits with all the new pictures we’ve gotten recently so keep an eye out!

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Erica Durance tells us “Something you might not know about Canada” (x)

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Tom Welling— for guys that wanna look like you. What is your daily regiment? What do you do to be so gorgeous? [x]

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Despierta America - Tom Welling 

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Tom Welling on ‘Extra TV’ promoting Draft Day [x]

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Draft Day (Tom Welling & Kevin Costner) - "I’m upset" [x]

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#TomWelling on “ExtraTV” promoting #DraftDay, L.A. [pics & vid]  (03-31-14) #Smallville

Full gallery: HERE

Vids:  Interview       Youtube version

Gif (thanks to @Kimmiecoomd):   HERE

(thanks to @extratv)

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Tom Welling looking all dapper promoting ‘Draft Day’ [x]

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